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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Questions are the Answer

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Information for Patients and Consumers

This website gives some tips on how to be involved with your health care. Some examples include questions to ask doctors, and a guide on how to take care of yourself when you leave the hospital.

National Institutes of Health: Health Information

This website gives links to health information that you can count on to be true. Use the search to look up a health topic like asthma, exercise, or smoking.

University of Arksansas for Medical Sciences: Patients Learn

Sign up here to take online courses in health topics you want to know more about. Courses range from mental health and eye care to diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Teen’s Guide to Medical Transition

This printable guide is meant to help teens and young adults learn what to do when making the change from a pediatrician to a doctor that sees adults. That change is a process called “medical transition” or “health care transition.”

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