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Background and Data

National Library of Medicine Health Literacy Page

This page provides an overview defining health literacy in terms of prevalence, scope, and impact.

Dr. Rima Rudd speaks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This hour-long video offers an overview of the history of health literacy research and the current status of the field.

AHRQ Universal Precautions Toolkit

This page provides broadly scoped guidance for addressing health literacy concerns. The tools included address all intervention levels, from individual communication to systems-level change

Verbal Communication

Always Use Teach-back! Training Toolkit

This toolkit introduces Teach-Back as a communication technique and includes an interactive learning module.

Every Day Words for Public Health Communication

The first of two plain language alternative resources listed here, this page provides a mini-dictionary of alternatives to jargon-filled language commonly used in public health, with detailed examples.

Plain Language Medical Dictionary

The second of two plain language alternative resources listed here, this page provides a searchable index of alternatives to jargon-filled or scientific language commonly used in medicine

Organizational Change

The Ten Attributes of a Health Literate Organization

This paper is a seminal work categorizing the essential attributes that contribute to a health literate organization.

Health Literacy Environment Activity Packet

This packet offers a set of activities designed for staff to evaluate the organizational environment with a patient-centered perspective in mind.

Organizational Assessment for Health Literacy Attributes

Developed as a tool in a collaborative project addressing the Ten Attributes of a Health Literate Organization, this assessment assists organizations in evaluating health literacy culture and environment within the organizations. Organizations score themselves on groups of attributes and can refer to the Delivering Health Literate Care: A quick reference guide, or to the links provided in the assessment scoring key, to find resources for improvement.

Delivering Health Literate Care: A Quick Reference Guide

Developed as part of a collaborative project aimed at addressing the Ten Attributes of a Health Literate Organization, this electronic version of a kardex toolkit offers quick reference tools related to health literacy to front-line healthcare staff.

Building Health Literate Organizations: A Guidebook to Achieving Organizational Change

This comprehensive guidebook offers techniques for creating a health literate environment. The guide addresses all intervention levels, from individual interaction to systems-level change.

for patients

Remember: if you ever have questions about your health or health care, the best thing to do is to ask your health care provider!



Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Questions are the Answer

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Information for Patients and Consumers

This website gives some tips on how to be involved with your health care. Some examples include questions to ask doctors, and a guide on how to take care of yourself when you leave the hospital.

National Institutes of Health: Health Information

This website gives links to health information that you can count on to be true. Use the search to look up a health topic like asthma, exercise, or smoking.

University of Arksansas for Medical Sciences: Patients Learn

Sign up here to take online courses in health topics you want to know more about. Courses range from mental health and eye care to diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

A Teen’s Guide to Medical Transition

Developed as an interactive book, this resource offers a printable, electronic version of a health literate guide for young adults transitioning from pediatric care to adult medical care.

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