On October 24th, our Senior Director of Community Impact, Susan Cosgrove, said farewell to HCIF. Susan joined HCIF ten years ago, and has since led the expansion of HCIF’s Population Health portfolio and team with her unwavering support, compassion and guidance. Susan has been a strong champion for HCIF’s multiple clinical and community based projects and has been instrumental in leading the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition (PAHLC) throughout her tenure.

Susan’s contributions to the PAHLC and HCIF have been invaluable, and while we will greatly miss the mightiness of her character and her unparalleled leadership skills, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Please join us in wishing Susan the fondest farewell, as she reflects on PAHLC’s achievements over the past decade!


Dear health literacy champions,

October is Health Literacy Month, and there’s no better time to pause and reflect upon the work of the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition and our statewide network of partners and health literacy advocates. To date, we’ve trained over 23,000 providers and health professionals, reached more than half of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and educated 1,500 community members. Pennsylvania is unique in our Department of Health’s (DOH) commitment to health literacy; these achievements would not be possible without the ongoing funding DOH provides.

The close of this Health Literacy Month is bittersweet, as it marks a transition for me as I move on from my role at Health Care Improvement Foundation. I am grateful to have spent the last decade working to build the foundation for a culture of health literacy in Pennsylvania. This month, and every month, I am grateful that you’ve been our companion on this journey.

With gratitude,


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